Casino Edge's online bingo guide with rules and strategy information.

Bingo Top Tips

  • Improve your chances of winning by playing in rooms with low attendance.
  • Find a site with the best loyalty point-to-dollar conversion. 1000 points = $1.00 is reasonable.
  • For an easier going, sociable experience, play multiplayer bingo.
  • Free tournaments and games are great fun, but don’t offer particularly large prizes.
  • Bingo-only sites are better to play at than online casinos with a bingo room.

Online bingo is all about fun. The nature of the game means there’s no need for strategy or calculators. It’s all about low stakes, making friends, the luck of the draw, and (best of all) big prizes.

Bingo is a very simple game to play. Each player is given a card with a grid of numbers; if the card’s numbers match the numbers drawn before anyone else, that player wins. It’s not necessarily the best game to play in terms of odds, but the amount of fun that can be had, as well as the size of prizes available, more than makes up for it.

Variations of bingo and the larger family of lottery games of which it’s a part have been around for centuries, with the first-ever lottery-style game reportedly taking place in Italy in 1530.

The game today includes a number of variations including 75 ball [number] bingo, which is traditionally played in the US, and 90 ball [number] bingo, which originated in the UK. Traditional bingo was meant to be played for money, prizes and fun; the nature of online bingo is about the same, and is usually played for real money. In some cases, a free “no deposit bonus” is given away to attract new players.

The Internet has further cemented bingo’s place as one of the most popular games in the world. Bingo is one of the most popular online games today, with thousands of new players signing up every day. Unlike more traditional forms of bingo that were played primarily in churches and community centers, Internet bingo has attracted a much wider range of fans. In our opinion, the best online bingo games can be found at sites which attract lots of players, because they have busier rooms.

Bingo was one of the first lottery games to be made available online, with one of the earliest online bingo games, called “Bingo Zone”, starting up back in 1996. This game was free to play, but required players to submit information which was sold to advertisers. Like other modern “free” websites (think Facebook), this model enabled some online bingo sites to allow players to play for free while still making a profit (and allowing players to win prizes).

The Internet has changed not just the nature of how people play bingo but also the jackpots. Traditional bingo jackpots were often small, ranging from $10 to a few thousand dollars. But with online bingo, some jackpots reach $100,000 and beyond.

There’s one important element that the Internet hasn’t changed about bingo: The game’s social side. All the major online bingo rooms feature a chat window that allows players to talk to each other while they play. Like old school bingo, players chat about absolutely anything from cooking tips to their husband’s terrible snoring. And as with regular bingo, the social element can either add to the enjoyment of the game, or cause a distraction that can be used to the advantage of your competition.

The chat window also plays a large part in special games exclusive to online bingo, called … you guessed it: chat games. Chat games are played alongside bingo games and are managed by the bingo site’s CMs (Chat Moderators/Managers). These chat games vary massively from site to site but the rules are usually very simple to follow.