Keno Rules

Keno rules and numbers payouts.

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Keno Top Tips

  • You can pick between four and 15 numbers, but we recommend no more than eight.
  • Pay tables indicate the payouts available for matching numbers.
  • Payouts range from 1:1 up to many thousands to one and depending on the games configuration, house edge can be between 25% and 29%.

The rules of keno are very straightforward. The player selects up to fifteen numbers and hopes that they’ll match the numbers drawn by the casino.

The casino then draws 20 numbers randomly from a pool of 80 (1 to 80). The payout for the matches depends on three things: how many numbers are matched, how much was bet, and the structure of the pay table. The game will usually let you know how many hits are required for specific payouts while you choose your numbers.

Shop around. Different online casinos offer different keno games with different payouts. Find the ones that have the best payouts and the lowest betting minimum.
To help you do that, here’s an example of two keno payout schedules. The first applies when you choose only five numbers, and the second applies when you choose ten. When five numbers are marked:
Numbers Matched $1.50 game $3.00 game $6.00 game $9.00 game
3 3.00 6.00 12.00 18.00
4 30.00 60.00 120.00 180.00
5 720.00 1,440.00 2,880.00 4,320.00
When ten numbers are marked:
Numbers Matched $1.50 game $3.00 game $6.00 game $9.00 game
5 3.00 6.00 12.00 18.00
6 27.00 54.00 108.00 162.00
7 195.00 390.00 780.00 1,170.00
8 1,440.00 2,880.00 5,760.00 8,640.00
9 5,700.00 11,400.00 22,800.00 34,200.00
10 37,500.00 50,000.00 50,000.00 50,000.00
Casino Edge recommends marking a small amount of numbers since the more numbers you mark, the higher the percentages you face. Experienced keno players rarely mark more than eight numbers; we recommend you do the same.
Regarding the online version, keno is probably the easiest of all casino games to play that requires real decision-making (which and how many numbers to select). The numbers are selected via mouse clicks, and players can also make use of an auto-pick feature. The auto-pick feature randomly selects numbers for you; the rest of the game (hoping that your numbers match those randomly drawn) is the same. To summarize the basic rules of keno:
  • Choose between four and 15 numbers
  • The casino generates 20 random numbers
  • Your numbers are matched against the casino's random numbers
  • If some of your numbers hit, you win and then collect your winnings