Slots Glossary

Casino Edge's slots glossary.

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Slots are the most popular casino games, and can be found in virtually every casino throughout the world. As a result, many terms and phrases that would not normally make sense have been created just for slots. Casino Edge has brought together a list of some of these phrases that you can expect to hear during your time playing online.

A wager.
Betting limit
The amount of money that can be wagered on one bet.
Bet max button
Pressing this button will automatically set the reels in motion with the coin value and, if applicable, the number of lines at their maximum.
Bonus game
A slot machine in which certain symbol combinations cause a bonus mode to appear on a secondary screen.
Gifts or bonuses given to players by casinos.
Used instead of currency to keep track of winnings by slot machines.
Expected win rate
A percentage of the total amount of money wagered that a player expects to win or lose over time.
A feature that allows player to double or quits on their winning. For many players, this feature is the most exciting.
House edge
The percentage of each bet that the house expects to win over time.
The maximum win on a slot machine.
Load up
To play the maximum number of coins.
The probability of an outcome.
One-armed bandit
An old slang term that refers to slot machines, indicating both their levers and their low payouts.
The line or lines on a slot machine to which the symbols must line up in order to win.
The amount paid for a winning symbol combination.
Payout table
A list of what each winning combination will pay.
A jackpot that increases as a result of a percentage of each bet.
Random Number Generator (RNG)
The RNG generates thousands of random numbers each second, with each number sequence defining a specific set of reel positions of symbols.
The wheels inside a slot machine with symbols printed on it.
Secondary screen
A second bonus game that is initiated by winning the first bonus game.