Slots Strategy

Get the most out of slot machines with our slots strategy article.

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Slots Top Tips

  • There's no playing strategy for slots, but picking a suitable game and using bonuses can lower the house edge.
  • Take advantage of bonuses and check wagering requirements before you play.
  • Look for slot machines with big progressive jackpots.
  • Shop around to find a slot with high payouts and many extra features.

The strategy behind slots is much more straightforward than with any other casino game since there are no game-breaking decisions to be made.

Most mathematicians will tell you there are no real proven mathematical strategies for slots that work over a long period of time – if there were, casinos would go bust. That rule may be true for brick and mortar casinos. However, if you’re playing at an online casino and you factor in bonuses, loyalty points, slot tournaments and a well managed bankroll, things can change. An increase of the slots payout by just 0.5% can make all the difference. Any chance you get to increase your edge over the casino, even if it’s just a few percent, must be taken.

Throw in the fact that most online slots payout more than the average Vegas slot, add a multi-million dollar progressive jackpot, a bit of luck and you could be in line for a life changing win.

Our slots strategy guide shows you how you can gain the most from playing slots, by taking advantage of these loopholes.

To determine which offers are better than others, always read the conditions of bonuses, reward points and VIP clubs as they often require you to bet high amounts to gain anything.

Reward Points

Online casinos reward their players by awarding them special comp points for every dollar they spend. The ratio of dollars to comp points varies from casino to casino. Taking advantage of these points can significantly improve a player’s winnings since they almost always convert directly to real money. This provides the player with a chance to make more wagers for the same amount of money.

VIP Club

The VIP clubs are full of great incentives that regular players should always take advantage of. A player who spends a considerable amount of time playing at a casino should expect special treatment over players who only deposit once or twice. This special treatment usually comes in the form of some kind of club or plan that offers incentives like special customer support and ”cash-back”, where players receive a percentage of all their losing deposits back.


Almost all online casinos offer bonuses to slots players. Bonuses are almost always offered to new players with bonuses for long-term players often taking a back seat. Therefore, Casino Edge recommends having a look at the ongoing promotions and bonuses available as well as the welcome bonuses before logging too much time in any online casino.

Bonuses can prove to be very lucrative — it’s not unusual for online casinos to match a player’s first deposit. More often than not, though, there are clauses attached to the bonuses like having to wager 10 or more times the bonus amount. Check out the rules before you play.


Using slot tournaments as part of your strategy is a great way to win a lot for very little, as you’re not playing against the house, but against fellow slot players and the tournament’s prize pool has to be won. In its most simple form, players are given (or buy) a fixed amount of credits to play within a fixed time frame. The winners are those left with the highest total wins. The prize pool is then divided up amongst these players. Strategically, you need to look for slot tournaments that offer a small buy-in but a high prize pool. It’s often the case that high prize pool games (in the region of $200,000 - $500,000+) will also have a re-buy option, but if you’re in the top 10 rankings for the tournament, it’s nothing to worry about.

Manage your Money

This strategy goes for all casino games: don’t play with money you can’t afford to lose. Remember, the simple truth is you can lose just as easily as win. One way to help avoid overspending is to take time to pick the stakes that are right for you. Placing small wagers of around 20 cents out of a $50 bankroll will last 250 spins — that’s quite a while. It’s important to remember that most of that money should come back. On a slot that’s configured to have a 95% payout, over a long period of time your bankroll will reflect that. However, it will also swing in both directions in the short-term. The trick is to win enough while it’s swinging in your favor, and then cash out.

When searching for somewhere to play online slots, look for a casino that favours slot players. These will normally offer a greater variety of slot machines as well as better incentives and more reward points for playing.