Video Poker

Casino Edge's online video poker guide.

Video Poker Top Tips

  • Stick with Jacks or Better if you're a beginner, with optimal strategy it can return 99.54%.
  • Optimal strategy on Deuces Wild can return over 100%, but you’ll need a big bankroll for this one.
  • Don’t play for progressive jackpots unless you know what you’re doing and have a big bank roll.
  • Scan and compare the pay table with other games since they tend to vary quite a lot.
  • Play five credits (or maximum) to qualify for bigger wins.

Video poker has always been popular in casinos, land-based and on the Internet, as well us with us at Casino Edge. The reason is simple: this is a game that can produce, if approached with plenty of practice and a strict betting strategy, returns of over 100%. The truth is, most players, even experienced players, make the odd mistake. Unlike most other casino games, video poker requires a combination of luck, skill and strategy to succeed and, like most other casinos games, knowing when to walk away with your winnings is the real trick to “coming out on top”.

Online video poker is a one-player, electronic adaptation of draw poker. The player selects how many credits to wager and is then given five random cards. Any number of these cards can be swapped for fresh cards out of the deck in the goal of uncovering a high-ranking hand. The higher the hand rank, the bigger the payout. Of course there are many variations to video poker, but in its basic form, that’s all there is to it.
When personal computers became commonplace in the 1970s, casino games were quickly revolutionized to incorporate the new technology. This paved the way for a new generation of casino games and allowed video poker to become extremely popular. At home, video poker, with its basic card graphics and simple game-play, was an ideal game to play on the slow computers of the late 1970s and 1980s. Even on these clunky machines, it was a fast game to play.

And when the online casino was born, its low house edge, fast action and huge payouts (on progressive jackpot versions) quickly made video poker the game of choice for thousands.

There are many variations of the game, the most well known of these being "Jacks or Better", where you need to make at least a pair of jacks to win. Many casino video poker variations have a multi-hand option that, after the player selects the cards to be replaced, redraws the hand a set amount of times, creating a new hand each time, that all have the potential to win.

Video poker is the only electronic casino game where players can create an edge over the casino due to the game’s payout structure. Online casinos are careful to configure their payouts so as to not give the player too much of an edge. However, using comp points and other incentives handed out by online casinos correctly, a skilled player can take the overall edge if the right game configuration is found.